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 Home Made  1 Wire Weather Station

This is a home made weather station. Weather Station design uses advanced 1Wire chips from Maxim Dallas. Here, you will find basic info on design concept & a few pictures.

Full details of this weather station may be found at Projects section


 My First Homemade Weather Station:
Base Unit Board Picture
This Board Uses following chips:

DS2490, DS18S20, MPXA4115, DS2480B, MAX232, DS2438, HIH4100(option)

This board connects to remote by D9 or RJ11 cable.


Remote Board: 
DS18S20, DS2438, DS2423, 4N33, Lightening Sensor, HIH3610. 1Wire AAG Anemometer connects to this board.
 New Developments
APRS LCD Weather Station:

A new weather station powered by USB/Solar, a light weight Asus PC with solid state drive and Win10 is now added to my weather station.

Live weather

Detailed Weather

Dinesh Gajjar / VU2FD