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40/400MHZ PIC16F84A Frequency Counter
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Configuration Firmware

Measuring frequency is always a point of interest for Radio Amateurs, especially for those doing lots of home brewing.

This frequency counter uses a simple PIC16F84A with suitable firmware and counts to 40MHZ. A place for 1.1GHZ prescaler, MC12080 is provided if you wish to extended the range to 400MHZ & beyond.



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 Config. Utility  

APRS trackers in market (Tiny Track etc) are too expensive to many, me too. The best part is, it only has a PIC16F84A and few components.  My trackers are in field working all over the world with very good performance. They include smart beaconing and more. Requires a transceiver and a GPS.


PIC16F84A Echolink Interface has External DTMF

Tech Info Schematic Firmware F84A
Tech Info AGC Schematic AGC

It took sometime to develop this interface for Echolink. It uses PIC16F84A and accepts external DTMF from Radio. My Latest Version Foxecho-k7 provides total isolation between Rig And PC and has AGC on received audio.

Delay on this project was in part of Wrong DTMF chip that I selected a year back, which did not match the PIC well. Now this interface uses MT8870 and its one of the best sounded echolink interface available to amateur radio operators. The best of all is, you do not have to buy this paying high price but you can make it yourself at home. Full documentation & firmware are posted here.



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Config. Doc

This dual channel RF Meter Uses AD8307 from Analog Devices and has 2 line x 20 LCD display. Uses a PIC16F876A it displays mv, uw and dm/dbm






Tech Doc Schematic CPU
Schematic Bridge

Measuring VHF/UHF RF for forward and Reflected power is always thought to be painful. However, I tried to make difficult things simple by way of using my favorite PIC processor.

Project is based on a sensor (Bridge) and a CPU board containing PIC16F88.



Tech Info Doc Schematic

Measuring RF for forward and Reflected power is always thought to be painful. However, I tried to make difficult things simple by way of using my favorite PIC processor.

Project is based on a sensor (Bridge) and a CPU board containing PIC16F877A.

No-Power Echolink Interface
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DTR Utility

This simple echolink interface is nothing but a sound card interface with an addition of opto isolated COR.

Running a script called DTR on/off, no external power is required. Has a 5OIN DIN connector for transceiver.

Sound Card Interface 
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Making a sound card for modem-less ham shack is always a dream of many, including me!. I made this interface out of such interest & hundreds of kits were sold globally. 

Interface has a 5PIN DIN connector in the front and two push switches to select Digital or Transceiver and Speaker on/off. May work without external power and has provision for a reed relay.


Tech Info Schematic Firmware

This PIC based LCD Temperature measurement project was developed to measure two Temperatures Simultaneously. It can be effectively used to measure your room temperature and may be used for measuring RF Amplifier Temp.  

LCD Meter uses a 2x16 LCD, A PIC16F876A, two Microchip Sensors and an accurate reference. Full documentation, schematic and firmware will be posted here soon.

Tech Info Schematic

In a quest to build my quality weather station, I started looking for various designs. This weather station is based on firmware from K0RX who has allowed amateurs to freely copy his excellent project for personal use.

Weather station is based on a PIC16F877A, RTC, Maxim Temp chip, MPXA4115 pressure sensor, Honeywell HIH4100 humidity sensor and requires AAG 1Wire instrument for wind speed and direction + Temperature.



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Schematic Remote


A 1Wire Weather Station was made out of my interest to use & understand Maxim Dallas 1Wire chips. Project dose not have an LCD display but it directly interfaces with your PC and feed necessary data to your weather program. 

There are two boards. The first one is base unit which will be located at PC and has dual interface: RS232 & USB. It also contain 5V regulator, a pressure sensor, humidity sensor and Temp. Sensor.

1Wire output from this board is taken to second board remotely placed on top of the house along the wind & Rain/Lightening instruments.

Second board contains Rain, Lightening, Solar, Humidity and Temperature sensors.


Tech Info Schematic Gerber Files
Settings for WINPICPROG

Simple PIC Parallel programmer was great but this ICP capable programmer was bit ahead of it in performance. Uses a 74HC14 and few transistors. Works very well with Oshonsoft or WinPicProg software.

Tech Info Schematic Firmware
Gerber Files

After successfully making my simple parallel port programmer, I was looking for a simple programmer to use my COM Port. Oshonsoft program was very good for this purpose and so, I decided to buy Oshonsoft Simulator IDE with basic compiler. It worked as expected and my project & free firmware was useful to thousands of enthusiasts who could not otherwise build serial programmer.

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PIC16F688 satellite tracking Interface is designed to control your Yaesu G5500 rotors. It has built-in RS232 interface and by installing an FTDI chip FT232RL chip, its ready for USB.



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Hamcom Prog.

Excellent yet simple interface for Morse & RTTY transmit/receive, uses only single uA741 and few components. An easy way to join Digital Revolution!!


A Simple PIC16F84A REPEATER (Remote!) Controller

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Gerber Files

This simple repeater controller (Remote Controller) is based on a PIC16F84A and MT8870 DTMF decoder. Provides 8 output to operate relays. Password is stored in PIC and may be changed by user as & when required.


A Simple PIC18F2550 USB PIC Programmer

Tech Info Schematic Firmware

This simple single chip USB Programmer is ideal for homebrewers who love to make their own programmers. Supports firmware upgrade and compatible with Microchip's PICKIT2 PC Software

Dinesh Gajjar/VU2FD