Amateur Radio VU2FD: Republic of India         
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Real Time APRS Tracking of VU2FD-9 (Mobile)



How VU2FD-9 Wireless APRS Tracking system work?


What is this VU2FD-9?

APRS system is developed and maintained by Radio Amateurs. Today most satellites transmit APRS data. Similarly, Earthquakes, Radio Amateurs Moving with their Wireless sets etc may be traced and tracked. 

VU2FD-9: "9" extension or SSID, is assigned to moving or portable equipment (Licensed Human is attached!!) Data transmitted by this tracker is sent to VHF IGATE (VU2FD-2) to put it on the APRServ for global viewing.

Radio Equipment used is a small wireless set(1-5W) on 144MHZ, a GPS receiver (Mouse Type) and a GPS Encoder called "Tracker". In the example here, I am using an LCD Tracker called "FoxTrak2" with Garmin eTrak Venture GPS.