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Some information on APRS

 Real Time Maps
If you would like to know:
VU2FD APRS Weather Station
VU2FD-6: Satellite Communication Gateway
VU2FD-9: My portable equipment with GPS, GPS Encoder. Track me in real-time!!


 My APRS Information
Meaning of symbol next to call sign?
My Amateur Radio Address details....
My Satellite I Gate is here
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 APRS Symbol Table


Icon Details
>  Car
!  Police
#  Digi
$  Phone
%  DX Cluster
&  HF Gateway
'  Aircraft
(  Cloudy
*  SnowMobile
+  Red Cross
,  Reserve L Shape
-  QTH (VHF)
:  Fire
?  File Server
@  HC Future Predict
A  AID Station
C  Canoe
G  Gride
H  Hotel
S  School
N  NTS Station
O  Balloon
P  Police
R  Recreational Car
S  Shuttle
U  Bus
W  Weather Station
X  Helicopter
Y  Yacht-Sail
a  Ambulance
b  Bike
d  Fire Department
e  Horse
f  Fire Truck
g  Glider
h  Hospital
n  Node
o  EOC
p  Puppy
r  Antenna
s  Ship (Power Boat)
t  Truck Stop
u  Truck 18 Wheels
v  Van
w  Water Station
y  Yagi at QTH