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Amateur station in 1980
Amateur Station

In 1970, while preparing for my marine commercial license, I obtained a Grade 2 License without much preparation. Within next 6 months, I obtained a Grade 1 license. I passed my Certificate of Competency in Wireless Telegraphy (Maritime Mobile) in 1973 & Joined shipping, as a Commercial Radio Operator. On bases of my commercial license, I was given Advanced Grade when that license was introduced by the Government of India.

Here I have presented a few pictures & details of my amateur radio station, which I hardly operate!!

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1Wire Weather Station

Weather Station: Kalawad Road, Rajkot

It is strange but this is the First Amateur Radio Weather Station in INDIA!!. (View Asia WX APRS MAP) There are few private weather stations around the country using commercial weather equipment. My weather station is true home made using advanced design, sensors and chips.

Weather station runs on a Dedicated P4/2.66GHZ PC and has a fast broadband connection. Station transmits a live weather data to APRS as well as to Weather Section of this site.

Real Time Weather
Satellite Weather for Indian Ocean


Amateur Radio Projects that I built

Amateur Radio Projects and Software

From the age of 24 to 50, I had job assignments all over the globe. Being an amateur since 1970, I made many projects but never got enough time to put them in a presentable way.

Here I have presented some of the amateur radio hobby projects that I built. They include: PIC Frequency Counter, RF Power Meter, APRS Tracker, Echolink Interface, Sound Card Interface, Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface, Weather Station and many more to join soon. I have provided enough details here so that you may built these projects yourself. 

PIC Firmware used for most projects are here......

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APRS, Radio Astronomy & Seismology

Involvement of a Radio Amateurs has resulted in a very reliable APRS system, maintained by radio amateurs. Tracking of moving amateur station and obtaining precise position of station, is simply a click away!! 

My interest in Amateur Radio Astronomy and Seismology  resulted in making few projects for this interesting segment of hobby to explore my understanding & to participate in every possible way with the global community to create essential resources.

APRS, Radio astronomy & Seismology

Anjana, nina & me

Family & Friends

Here you will see few Pictures of my small family. 

You will also find pictures and links of my personal friends who were always with me to support my development work on amateur radio project.

Its the support of family & friends that give us ability to reach a destination: A Project, a Family Vacation or a Social activity.

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Kalawad Road Rajkot Web Cam

City Web Cam & Rajkot City Information

I live in a city called Rajkot, former Capital of Historic Peninsula/State known as "Saurashtra". 

After independence in 1947, State of Saurashtra was merged in to newly created Language State of Gujarat, . Saurashtra is an ancient region and well referred in epics of Mahabharat and in Ashoka's Empire. 

Find more info about my City, State and a Web Cam image of the nearby location of my residence.

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